10 things we did in Chiang Mai

We arrived in Bangkok at 7am and went on with our day so we can adjust to the local time. Because we were tired, it was easier to sell us stuff… We were not exactly on top of things. One of the tuk tuk drivers got us to go into one of the tour agencies (and a tailor, and a jewellery shop… as usual) and they talked us into booking a trip to Chiang Mai to do a 3-day jungle trek. They also wanted to force us to book our accommodation for the islands, thank God we said no (monsoon and stuff). The Chiang Mai trip was at the end of our trip, so while we were down south in the islands, we kept thinking, they ripped us off, we even tried to cancel it (of course they said it was not possible). We decided to go (if we’re already paying for it) and it was hands down the best experience of the whole trip!

Loved loved loved it. We took an overnight bus from Bangkok to Chiang Mai and had a lovely hotel (it was a breeze of fresh air after the backpacker hostels), and the whole trip was organised for us. The hotel was pretty much empty which is always a plus.

1. Got dirtier than EVER (and not in a naughty way! I mean muddy.)

Let me tell you somehing. Rain in the jungle is no ordinary rain. We started our jungle trek and about an hour later it started pouring down to the point that all our clothes for the next 3 days got soaked even things at the bottom of the bag. After a while, when you realise there is no point trying to save things – it is extremely enjoyable! I love ‘summer showers’ (or summer monsoon) it has a proper holiday feel to it. I lost a pair of flip flops in a huge mud puddle and we had no dry clothes left. And of course we left all the other clothes in Bangkok. So when we got back to the hotel I did not have a single item of clothing I was able to put on (or I was willing to put on). So I sent Greg to the market to buy clothes (he was on a scooter in his swimming shorts and nothing else, very inappropirate) while I was waiting in the hotel with a towel around me. Trying to skype. But there was only wifi at the reception. So an iPhone, a towel, me and the receptionist dude giving me weird looks. Excellent 🙂 

2. We partied like there’s no tomorrow

Our fab group met up in town after we got back from the trek. We watched thai box, got drinks, had such a great time! Most places closed quite early (for us), so we followed the crowd to a club. I remember shaking it and jumping around to Party Rock Anthem and Give Me Everything. It was AWESOME!!!



3. Hurried up a mountain to escape from the cobras

On the second day, we were quite tired and before reaching the village on the top of a mountain where we spent the night – the last part of the trek became difficult, with very steep uphill. I don’t know if our guide ‘Rambo’ 🙂 was just trying to get us walk faster or there were actually cobras around us – but his warnings did work. I am usually last to reach any summit thanks to my short legs, but this time I came 2nd. Greg was waaaay behind (He was carrying all our stuff in the backpack. The hero of the day! I carried our water bottle. Nothing else. I think I might be a bit spoilt.) We met wild elephants and even a baby elephant on the way though!


4. Slept in the jungle

And very comfortably thank you very much. We had a brill dinner (delicious curry!), drinks and very basic huts the first night. Something like this:



It was really badass. And beautiful with the vibrant ricefields. Look at that colour! You could tell it was monsoon season.


The second night was just as great,delicious food, oh and the view was amazeballs. We got to try opium as well, which made us a bit sleepy. It was interesting but nothing special really. Desktop9

5. We got hugged by elephants

After our jungle trek we were discovering Chiang Mai and wanted to check out a place where elephants are kept healthy and happy. In this elephant sanctuary, they learnt how to paint, play football and play the harmonica. For real! Seen it with my own eyes!




6. Jumped into waterfalls

I love waterfalls. I follow instagrammers who specialise in just waterfalls around Asia – it has become an obsession of mine. If I get excited by the tiniest waterfalls I cannot even imagine what will happen when I visit  Iguaçu. Then again, you cannot really jump into the water there. I mean, you can. But that might be your last jump ever. Crocodiles and stuff…


My dad, sister and I, we all love being in the water. Any water. Let it be the Baltic sea and 3 degrees we WILL jump in. If we are around a lake, even a creek! We will jump in. The second day of our trek it was a bit colder so from our group it was only me in the water. Even better!



7. We tried whitewater rafting

It was awfully short, only about a half an hour which broke my heart. I am working on a plan though! A plan to move to a place (Canada, I’m looking at you!) where we can go rafting in the weekends. We will raise adrenaline junkie kids!

We didn’t take any photos (this was pre-GoPro time!), but a thai woman took one for us. They printed it and we could buy it for 100 Baht. It didn’t seem much at the time but if I think about it, we paid 300 Baht for 1 double room on Phi Phi. I can’t believe we bought it! Desktop11

8. We sang songs with the children of the tribe

They sang first then all of us sang a traditional song of our own culture. I thought of the shortest 10 second song when we have very cool Hungarian folk songs! LAME Eva, get it together next time. I wanted to stay longer up there, no internet, no movies nothing, just great chats, the air was amazing, we were learning so much about other cultures. Need to go back. Right right now.


9. Greg ate dog curry by accident

We all are having breakfast together. Everyone is happy with their toast, jam, eggs. Not Greg, he notices our guides are putting something else on their bread. He goes there and asks for some. Happily puts it on his toast and is about to take a bite when he asks: “What is it by the way?” “Dog curry!” Comes the reply. Everyone was looking at him he couldn’t NOT eat it… So he did. And it was fine – it tasted like pork according to him.


10. We fell in love with our group 



There was the lovely couple from Brazil. The wife, Nayana was so beautiful and had such a perfect body it HURT. Jen, Sarah (the 2 girls from Newcastle) and I all agreed: that at least she could have been a bitch so we can hate her. But no. She was kind and friendly. And there was Rambo and Dave, our thai guide and a cool guy from the Netherlands. Thank you all again for this amazing experience. Makes me miss the jungle. And backpacking. And Thailand. ❤❤❤



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