An Ode to Australia and Sydney

It has been a habit of mine for years. Anytime, anyone would mention anything about living and travelling to Australia, I would immediately be all ears, soaking up everything there is to know about OZ.

Fast wordward to post backacking times, anytime anyone mentions anything regarding Australia my heart literally skips a beat.


Dudley Page Reserve


Drinking Innocent Bystander at the Opera House Bar

I had such happy and content moments during my time there, it was one of the most intense experiences of my life. It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, from ending up totally alone and sleeping at a drug dealer’s house (thanks couch surfing and Techno Todd!) to running errands in Manly while getting the phone call that Brexit is in fact happening. And of course teary goodbyes in Sydney and Queensland.


Sydney Botanical Gardens

Yet, those were the moments that made it all real, I actually had a life in Australia. It wasn’t 2-3 weeks of hotel rooms and sightseeing. In Sydney, as we had our own flat through AirBnb (the apartment of the awesome Lyndal) I quickly felt like a local. Taking the train every day to Circular Quay, doing grocery shopping at Central. Tourists asking me for directions as I looked like a local… And I could help them as I already knew my way around public transport.


Vivid Festival with Adri
The Harbour Bridge

Needless to say I am definitely going back, we’ve got plans to go back for next NYE as I really want to experience it during Summer. A picnic in Watson’s Bay or Dudley Page reserve, watching the fireworks. I loved loved loved Watson’s bay and the whole ferry system in general.


The view from Watson’s Bay (photo credit: redrockphotography)

We soon developed the routine of hopping on the train at Petersham, got to Circular Quay in about 10-15 mins, then walked to the Opera House and Botanical Gardens. The fish and chips is SO good at Circular Quay! And the ice cream as well. Also, what’s up with having an elevator out in an open space?! It takes you up to a bridge, so you can walk to Harbour Bridge. We did that walk when walking to the Pylons at sunet. The view from the Pylons was extraordinary… We also ended up watching the documentary on the building of the bridge twice.



One of my favourite memories from Sydney was when Owen went to grab a burger with John and I had very special plans in mind for those 4-5 hours. A thing I love about big cities is just wandering around without a purpose. Getting lost in the city when I’m alone. That’s when I can properly focus on the city, the people, I just love people watching. I could do it all day. Sitting and being amazed by how different we are, how different lives we have, yet, our foundations are still the same. We all have goals, dreams, family, friends and love, trying to all juggle it to make ourselves and our loved ones happy.

So I said goodbye to Owen at Circular Quay and started walking on George street, into the CBD, then I somehow ended up in China town. I went into all the bakeries, bought a few bites of everything so I can try it all. Then I walked all the way to Central, back to the YHA Central where we moved to the day before. Owen got back about 5 mins after me and caught me still stuffing my face with all the unfamiliar Chinese bits and bobs. And no, of course the bed was not full of food and crumbs at all. And he didn’t have a creepy look on his face when I made him try a sweet cookie with a whole egg in the middle.



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