I am from Hungarian Transylvania, moved from Budapest to London when I was 18. I was babysitting for a few months, but I soon started my Psychology BSc. After completing my studies I moved to Cambridge and was working for Cambridge uni for a while, which turned out to be such a wonderful and useful experience. 

After 5 years in the UK, I felt like I needed change. I decided to spend some time in Hungary with family, as I’d been away for way too long. I worked in Budapest for almost a year, then decided to go backpacking to Australia and New Zealand.

I’ve always dreamed about hopping in the car and going around the world with nothing but my sleeping bag. Give me a map and a camera and I am happy wandering around!

I’ve got great passion for hiking, unfamiliar places and backpacking on an extreme budget. I love my blog and photography, I cannot get enough of Asian food, the sea, zip-lining, skating and food.

As of 2017 February, I am moving to China to teach English in Nanjing. My backpacking adventures were addictive and I am not done discovering new cultures, meeting inspiring and fascinating people.

I am on a quest to find my true calling. I don’t think life is about finding a job you feel comfortable doing. I believe the quote is true, in order to keep your balance, you must keep moving.

Personal and professional development don’t happen when a job, relationship, situation is comfortable. I like to live on the edge, go for adventures. I think it’s almost a sin in today’s world to settle for something less than your dreams. In our globalised world, with the resource of insanenly developed transportation and the web, it is pretty much impossible not to find yourself getting slapped in the face by opportunities. Which for me, is always the opportunitiy for a whole new life, for personal development, where you grow and improve by the challenges and people you meet. Becoming a better version of yourself by simply going for things.

And yes, I do believe I am different seeing the Moon shine on the other side of the world. I don’t care how cheesy it sounds. I am looking for challenges, inspiration, excitement, happiness, motivation, passion and fulfilment.

My life is all about looking for the state of flow and hopefully inspiring my loved ones to do the same.