I’ve had blogs since I was 13-14, which is when I first developed my interest in webdesign and photography. I started Colourful Journeys when I was writing my dissertation in 2013 (everyone knows that’s the best time to pick up hobbies!). I was looking for jobs and none of them seemed really interesting to me, so I had the idea of creating a website with travel content. I had no idea where I was going with it, but I knew I wanted to do something I loved on the long term.

It was not the best time to start a business like that, especially as my boyfriend at the time was still studying, I had to get a proper serious, well-paying job, which I ended up loving actually! This meant I had less and less time and focus on this platform. Now, that I have been working for a while and in the corporate world now, I am financially stable enough to enjoy life more. I’ve got the funds to build a blog for myself the way I want to, plan more travels and document them here.